Terrain Park

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The Perfect North Slopes Audition terrain park and Jam Session progression area are designated Freestyle Terrain Areas and contain jumps, fun boxes, jibs, rails and other constructed or natural terrain features. Prior to using Freestyle Terrain, you are responsible for familiarizing your self with Freestyle Terrain and obeying all instructions, warnings and signs. Freestyle skills require maintaining control on the ground and in the air. Use of Freestyle Terrain exposes you to the risk of serious injury or death. Inverted aerials are not recommended. You assume the risk.

Freestyle Terrain has designations for size - Smaller, medium and larger features. Start small and work your way up. Designations are relative to this ski area.

Look Before You Leap - You are responsible for inspecting Freestyle Terrain before initial use and throughout the day. The features vary in size and change constantly due to snow conditions, weather, usage, grooming and time of day. Do not jump blindly. Use a spotter when necessary.

Easy Style It - Always ride or ski in control and within your ability level. Do not attempt Freestyle Terrain unless you have sufficient ability and experience to do so safely. You control the degree of difficulty you will encounter in using Freestyle Terrain, both on the ground and in the air.

Respect Gets Respect - Respect Freestyle Terrain and others. Only one person on a feature at a time. Wait your turn and call your start. Always clear the landing area quickly. Respect all signs and do not enter Freestyle Terrain or use features when closed.

Electronic Devices - Perfect North Slopes discourages the use of electronic devices - cell phones, music players or earphones - while skiing and snowboarding, or loading or unloading lifts.

Helmet Use - Perfect North Slopes encourages our guests to educate themselves on the benefits and limitations of winter sports helmets. Regardless of whether or not you choose to wear a helmet, every winter sport participant shares responsibility for his or her safety and for that of others using the ski area facilities.