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Our mud event is one of the best, and most fun in the region! The ski area is a great location to hold these mud events utilizing our beautiful property with its hills, woods, fields, streams and convenient location. The area also has a huge observation deck to watch the activities, paved parking, restroom and food service facilities, and indoor seating. Just the "perfect" spot to enjoy some warm weather fun!

The Mud-Stash features a run/walk course with variety of challenging obstacles to be conquered throughout the ski area and surrounding property. We have different options at each race; the Mud-Stash (approx. 4 miles) and a Mini Mud-Stash (approx 1.5 miles). Pick which one fits you best! The obstacles on the course will range from simple hill climbs to mud-crawls and wall rappels, a swinging bridge, and many other features. This course is designed to be fun for every fitness level. Fellow competitors are encouraged to promote camaraderie by helping each other complete the course. Themed costumes and team participation are welcomed! You can purchase a timing device so you can see how your time measures up against others...or just to see how long it took you to complete the course. At the end, you'll receive a Mud-Stash medal to wear with pride! We also have shower services available after your run.  During the event, we will have music, food service as well as beer sales. Spectators are free and welcome to come and cheer on the competitors. Please leave your pets at home!



If you used a timing device and would like to view results from our 2018 event, click HERE.


 Mud-Stash Course:

• Length of course is approximately 4 miles
• Start times every 10 minutes from 8:30 - 11:00 am
• Minimum age 10
• Competitive Heat at 8:30 am
$75 for ages 10 and up
$85 for Competitive Heat

Mini Mud-Stash Course:

• Length of course is approximately 1.5 miles
• Start times every 10 minutes from 11:20 - 11:50 am
• Minimum age 7
• Mini uses a portion of the same Mud-Stash course
$50 for ages 7 and up

Price Includes:

• Timing device, completion medal, parking, T-shirt, and access to shower trailer
• Timing device is yours to keep as a souvenir and for re-use in future Mud-Stash runs
• Day of event, registration increases $10
• Second run on same day $15


Save $10 Run For Fun

• Save $10 by declining the included timing device or use one you have previously purchased

Save With A Group

• Group of 10 or more receives $10 off admission
• Pre-registration is required


Register A Group


Day of event, registration increases $10

No pets at Mud-Stash, please.