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Perfect North Slopes offers a variety of training, practice, and racing opportunities for skiers of all aspirations and abilities.  If you are interested in becoming a racer, aspire to improve your skills through the gates, or just want to participate occasionally in a NASTAR race, then we have lesson programs to fit your needs.  Racing and gate instruction usually occur on Intermission, which on occasion may be closed to the public for exclusive race participant use; please check our News and Snow Report for updates of the status of Intermission. 

Continuing from previous seasons: All race programs include a NASTAR season pass!

Cost of races or race instruction does not include lift ticket or equipment. Racers must be at least 8 years old, able to ride chairlift by themselves and ski intermediate terrain confidently and competently. There are no makeup classes, and training does occur on holidays. Participants must have a racing waiver on file each season.

Children's Doodles Race Program - Previously Known as "Hot Shots" (Add On to Season Pass)

$165 per Child: Mondays or Thursdays 6:30PM-8PM
$210 per Child: Sundays 9:30AM-11AM

Ages:  8-13 Years Old
Intermediate to Expert (must be able to comfortably make controlled turns down blue/intermediate terrain without stopping)
Helmets are strongly recommended for all Race Programs.

Doodles Race (previously known as "Hot Shots") is a six-week program designed to help your child embrace skiing for a lifetime of healthy and competitive fun.  Our professional instructors are highly trained in helping your child excel in their skiing and racing techniques.  In this progressive lesson program, your child will build the fundamental skill set that will help them master the race hill and take their skiing skills to the next level.  

The Race Doodles class is designed for both new and experienced racers who are interested in establishing or improving their racing skills. Participants will improve their general skiing ability, become more comfortable on a race course, and learn techniques used by the US Ski Team.  Training will consist of technical free skiing with an instructor, as well as gate training.  With participants grouped by similar skill levels, more experienced racers may use this as a stepping stone from recreational into competitive racing.

The first classes will start the week of January 6th, 2019. Doodles runs for 6 consecutive weeks on your pre-selected day and time.

Season Passes and rentals are not included with the Doodles Race Program and must be purchased separately.
Limited spots are available, so please register early. Wait lists are available for sold out sessions.
Classes meet on your pre-selected day of the week. 
Any missed lessons are forfeited.


High School Race Program

$165 per Student: 6 week program

Ages:  High School Freshmen through Seniors
Beginner to Advanced
Equipment: Helmets are strongly recommended for all Race Programs.

The High School Race Program is for the individual racer or group of friends who would like to begin or develop their racing skills. This six week program is offered on Thursdays from 4:30PM-6:00PM, and develops both new and experienced racers.  This program is similar to the Doodles Race Program, but will include an element of friendly competition between schools, even if only one student from a school participates. Some schools may use this program as a lettered athletic program, but it is not a requirement. Athletic directors are welcome to contact us for more details.

When: The High School Race Program begins on January 10th, 2019.

Adult Race Program

$165 per Participant: 6 week program

Ages:  18 and older
Beginner to Intermediate+
Equipment: Helmets are strongly recommended for all Race Programs.

Are you new to racing and looking for a place to start, or perhaps you're a recreational racer and would like to improve your skill a level or two?  This Monday evening program is for you! We will separate into groups by skill level, so beginners and intermediates alike can receive relevant coaching.  Training emphasis will be on having fun, and improving fundamental racing skills. All training will also provide a solid basis for those skiers only wishing to race NASTAR. 

When: The Adult Race Program begins on January 7th, 2019. 


Advanced Race Programs

$165 per Participant: 6 week program (each sold seperately) 

Ages:  8 and older
Must have completed at least one season in the Hot Shots Program or have prior race experience
Equipment: Helmets are strongly recommended for all Race Programs. Poles and shin guards are required for the Slalom Program on Tuesdays.

You are well beyond recreational racing and are looking for a path into or advancement in the competitive realm; these are the programs for you! There are two Advanced Race Programs, each running for 6-weeks on their respective nights from 6:30PM-8PM. Choose one night, or both as each will enhance your skill for different facets of racing.

The Slalom Program on Tuesdays, and the Giant Slalom Program on Wednesdays target the higher-level racer who wants to become more proficient in these particular race disciplines.  These programs are a great fit for those who wish to experience the next level or racing prowess. Racers will benefit from the training, techniques, and discipline an organized race program provides.  Training emphasis will be on having fun, and improving fundamental racing skills.

When: The Advanced Race Programs begin the week of January 7th, 2019.



$65 for season pass
$10 for unlimited runs / one day, $5 for two runs
INCLUDED with purchase of any race program add-on

Ages:  7 and older
Beginner to Expert
Equipment: Helmets are strongly recommended for all Race Programs.

NASTAR racing is open to the public with many opportunities through the season to compete.  NASTAR runs on Thursdays 6:30pm to 8:30pm starting January 10th, also Sundays 11:00AM-1:00PM January 13, 20, 27, February 3, 10, 17; December and March races to be determined based on weather and course conditions.  Registration opens one hour before race time.

All races are open to the public.
Snow making on the night previous will delay all start times by 1 hour.
Registration begins one hour prior to race at the base of Intermission.

Public Race Dates

King of the hill - February 3, 2019
Super Nastar - February24, 2019
Top to bottom - February 25, 2019

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