Share and Save Program

Looking to bring a group, but don’t have 15? Our share and save program allows groups of any size. Best of all, the pricing adjusts as your group grows! (For Adult Tickets) 

How It Works

It’s all done online! Pick a date on the calendar, then decide what tickets you would like to purchase for yourself, invite your friends & family via text and email, and as the group grows, so does your discount!

Each member invited to your group will be able to pay for their lift tickets individually and you will be able to see who has decided to join your group. 48 hours before your trip, the group is closed, the final price is based on how many are in the group. Each group member will be sent their ticket vouchers via email. Just take your emailed ticket voucher to any ticket window to pick-up your tickets.

Remember, select tickets for Yourself (not entire group), and invite others to your group, and they can select their own tickets and pay themselves!

*Early Return Bonus Not Valid for this Ticket Type & Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE

*For technical support, call 513-470-0135



Share and Save Pricing

The pricing adjusts as the group grows!




Snow Tubing

Group Size 8-Hour Ticket Group Size 2-Hour Ticket
 1 $48  1  $27.00
 2  $47  2  $26.50
 3  $46  3  $26.00
 4  $45  4  $25.50
 5  $44  5  $25.00
 6  $43  6  $24.50
 7  $42  7  $24.00
 8  $41  8  $23.50
9 $40  9  $23.00
10+ $39  10  $22.50



These can be added to any Ski/Board ticket
Ski/Snowboard Flex Rental (Includes Helmet) $28
Helmet Rental Only $5

 11  $22.00
12 $21.50
13 $21.00
14 $20.50
    15+ $20.00