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Terrain Parks


February 2, 2019


Freestyle Jump Competition displaying skiers and snowboarders performing their best tricks! Contestants of the Amateur and Pro divisions attempt their best jumps to win the competition under the bright lights of Lower Hollywood. Amateur division will hit the Medium sized jumps. Pro divisions have the option of hitting the Medium and/or Large jumps! Judging criteria that will be considered are style, amplitude, cleanliness, and difficulty of trick in and overall impression format. Contestants’ names and attempted maneuvers will be announced in real time so the crowd can follow the action. For those who don't participate, this event is great to watch from the patio on the East End of the Lodge. Pre-registration available on the Perfect North Slopes website.

Valid Lift Ticket and Event ticket required*

**HELMETS REQUIRED** (Free helmet rental available in rental shop if needed)

  • Event Registration: 4pm
  • Amateur Division: 5:30pm - $5.
    • Riders Meeting: 5:15pm at the bottom of Lower Hollywood Jumps
    • AM contestants will only attempt and be judged on the smaller jumps
    • AM contestants will be judged on overall impression of 4 attempts
  • Pro Division: 7pm - $10.
    • Riders Meeting: 6:45pm at the bottom of Lower Hollywood Jumps
    • Pro contestants will be judged on overall impression of a 60 minute jam session format
  • Award Ceremony: 8:30 pm on the patio area by the East end of the Lodge




Entry Fee: $5

Registration: 4:30pm-6pm  Location to register: Park Crew Office (Bottom of Jam Session mini Terrain Park)

Riders Meeting: 6pm

Mini Contests”: Starting at 6:15pm

  • Highest Ollie
  • Longest Ollie
  • Highest Hippy Jump

Jam: 7:30 – 8:15pm

Final Words/Sendoff: 8:30pm


The Blacklist Rail Jam is a skate style rail contest located in Jam Session Terrain Park for both skiers and snowboarders! Blacklist Boardshop will provide merchandise that will be distributed throughout the contest. There is no traditional judging with pre-determined divisions, categories, or judging criteria. Instead, judges will be handing out product/prizes to contestants as they see something that catches their eye! This could be something technical, creative, cool, funny, or even a good bail!


Children's Doodles Freestyle Program

(Previously Known as "Hot Dogs")

Add On to Season Pass




$165 per Child: Tuesdays 6:30PM-8PM

Ages:  8-13 Years Old
Intermediate to Expert (must be able to comfortably make controlled turns down blue/intermediate terrain without stopping)
Helmets are required.

Doodles Freestyle (previously known as "Hot Dogs") is a six-week program designed to help your child embrace skiing and boarding for a lifetime of healthy fun.  Our professional instructors are highly trained in helping your child excel in snow sports.  In this progressive lesson program, your child will build the fundamental skill set that will help them master the terrain park and take their skiing and boarding skills to the next level.  

This class is the perfect lesson program for kids interested in establishing or improving their freestyle skills. During this program, the kids will spend a portion of the lesson each week working on their free skiing/riding technique outside of the terrain park, and the other portion of the lesson will be focused on terrain park etiquette, freestyle safety, small jump take-off and landing, sliding boxes and rails, etc. 

When: The first classes will start on January 8th, 2019 and will run for 6 consecutive weeks.

Season Passes and rentals are not included with the Doodles Program and must be purchased separately.
Limited spots are available, so please register early. Wait lists are available for sold out sessions.
Ski or Snowboard Classes meet on your pre-selected day of the week. 
Any missed lessons are forfeited.

Check the Calendar of Events for all upcoming events.